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Bourbon Beer & Bold Conversations Podcast

Bourbon, Beer and Bold Conversations is a podcast that approaches diversity and inclusion broadly and deeply. Clayton Sinclair and Sean Leavitt are certified diversity practitioners. But, more than that, we are longtime friends who bring our formal training, mix it with a little life experience and garnish with hope; to serve up discussions about tough topics across a wide range of difference. Race, gender, sexual orientation, class; almost nothing is off limits. We are here to model curiosity, vulnerability, courage, trust and humility in order to awaken ourselves and others because we are trying to Be the change we want to See!

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Update - April 2023

It's one thing to do what you love, but it's special to do it with someone you love.

This week, my Brother Clayton Sinclair III, MBA, unexpectedly passed away.

Many know Clayton and I have been on a podcast for three years. Twice a month, we jumped into talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion and covered topics around differences. We tried modeling bold conversations to help people engage, learn, and heal.

May he Rest in Power, and may his abundant love for his wife and son carry them through their terrible loss.

It was a privilege and honor to be his podcast partner for almost 50 episodes. How fortunate I and others are to have been exposed to his truth! We reached 13 countries and half the U.S. So many people were influenced by his authenticity and infectious joy. What a ride.

I miss him deeply. And the world will miss a champion for Inclusion.

Just as we ended each episode...”I love you, Brother.”

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